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(L) Dana Fraser battling for the puck in UNB's 1st Soldier Appreciation Game. (R) Philippe Maillet celebrates after scoring UNB's first goal of the game with Cam Brace.

In the late Summer of 2014, long time Varsity Reds supporters - David Kilfoil and Eric Drummie, proposed to Coach Gardiner MacDougall and then UNB Marketing coordinator Dave Morrell, with such a large contingient of members located at CFB Gagetown and the city's close ties to the miltary (Officer's Square and Garrison District) - that the team/program should host a hockey game that celebrates and acknowledges the members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

1st Game - Saturday, January 15th, 2015 vs SMU (Win - 3-1)

This dialogue led to the first Soldeir Appreciation game later that season, on Saturday, January 15th, 2015. In celebration of this game a unique camouflage (camo) jersey was comissioned. The jerseys were later auctioned off with proceeds going to the base's charities.

The Jersey - V1 - the camo jersey was designed by Eric, using the team's traditional three colours (red, white & black) in a camo pattern. A clean 'UNB' on the front, four chevrons on the arms with numbers and a maple leaf. The 5th Div. Support Group crest on each shoulder.

2nd Game - Friday, February 5th, 2016 vs SMU (Win - 6-2)

The 1st Fallen Soldier Memorial Award for leadership and tenacity was presented to Cam Braes (2G+1A=3P)

The Jersey - V2 - the camo jersey for the second game was based on the original design with some changes; The UNB on the front was reduced in size by 20%, the cheverons were removed from the arm making them black and an WWI inspired 'New Brunswick' was placed over the number, UNB Red Devil logos (1984 & 1989 versions) were placed on the shoulder with the 5th Div. Support Group crest placed on the right chest. Matching socks were purchased for this game.

Cam Braes presented with the 1st Fallen Soldier Memorial Award by Colonel D. Craig Aitchison (BBA-90), Commander-Combat Training Centre.

The Jersey - V2b - a reorder of camo jerseys was submited having been paid for by a group of fans. These jerseys came with a reverse colour scheme on the back with white numbers and black trim and small UNB Hockey logos were scattered througout the pattern - only visiable close-up

Examples of the small UNB Hockey Logos hidden within the camo pattern.

3rd Game - Friday, January 27th, 2017 vs UPEI (Win - 7-1)

Fallen Soldier Memorial Award for leadership and tenacity was presented to Cam Braes (2G+3A=5P) for the second time.

The Jersey - V3 - the camo jersey for the third game was changed to reflect more of a 'winter' theme. Taking a queue from some NHL camo jerseys, the pattern was scattered over a larger area and the colours lightend to be shades of grey (small UNB Hockey logos remained hidden in the pattern only visable close-up). The current UNB Hockey logo (in colour - the only element in a bright original colour) was placed on the front, block numbers on the arms and back with a Canadian flag (pale red) & cluster + swords on the left arm and the 1989 UNB Red Devils logo & maple leaf on the right. The 5th Div. Support Group crest on the front right chest (in grey). Instead of names, each jersey would have "CANADA" instead. This last change was to allow the jerseys to remain in use for a couple of years.

Examples of the small UNB Hockey Logos hidden within the camo pattern.

Artwork for the commemorative coin designed for the 3rd game.

The Coin - a commemorative coin was designed for the 3rd game and presented to each player, coaching staff and invited guests. On the 'Heads' side is the UNB Hockey Logo and 'University of New Brunswick - Fredericton' in Latin and the school's inaugural year in Roman numerals (1785). The 'Tails' side has the date & opponent of the game with a red maple leaf middle. A Morse code pattern travels around the coin spelling Vigilamus pro te (Latin for "we stand on guard for thee").

4th Game - Friday, February 9th, 2018 vs SFX (Win - 5-2)

Fallen Soldier Memorial Award for leadership and tenacity was presented to 4th year senior Randy Gazzola.

The Jersey - V3b - the camo jersey for the fourth game remained the same as the previous year with one change - instead of "HOCKEY" in the swoosh, it was replaced with "V-REDS" which is the style used on UNB's regular white jerseys.

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