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Welcome to the 'unofficial' USPORTS Men's Hockey Top 10 Repository - a project. Originally, this was a personal exercise to review previous polls and to determine UNB's current streak. Then the idea grew into a multidimensional site that would allow fans to review individual polls, teams, seasons, etc. The site, and the results found here, are unofficial as I am not affiliated with the USPORTS.

You will find all of the polls from 1979/80 to present. The Top 10 goes back to the 60s, but the records prior to 1979 are unfortunately incomplete. When and if previous years become available - I will certainly add them. Regards, Eric.

Most Appearances Most #1s
1. Alberta64795.6% 1. Alberta23334.4%
2. UQTR53078.3% 2. UNB17025.1%
3. Saskatchewan50975.2% 3. UQTR548.0%
4. UNB49172.5% 4. Calgary517.5%
5. Calgary41561.3% 5. Acadia355.2%
6. Western33849.9% 6. Saskatchewan253.7%
7. Acadia32948.6% 7. Toronto182.7%
8. McGill30845.5% 8. Regina172.5%
9. SMU27941.2% 9. Moncton152.2%
10. Moncton25437.5% 10. Western142.1%

These values are calculated dynamically.

Streaks (Record Holders) Streaks (Longest)
Team Start End Weeks Team Weeks
UNB*2006-W1Active312 UNB*312
Alberta1996-W22012-W1276 Alberta276
Alberta1987-W71995-W4101 Saskatchewan222
UQTR1986-W11993-W288 Alberta169
Moncton1980-W31988-W280 Alberta101
Calgary1980-W11982-W929 UQTR98
* - active streak

Week 6 - Nov. 21, 2023
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